A 14 year old photographers view of the world - SAMMI SCOTT

Early on after discovering my older daughter, Samantha, had dyslexia, I started to notice how she saw the world in a totally different light than her peers.  She would suddenly stop dead in her tracks and whip out her cell phone and snap away at something she only saw.  The results were extraordinary. Her eye for composition and detail was that of a much more mature and skilled photographer. I must admit my heart swells up a bit with pride when I view her work.  
When she assists me on certain shoots, she is learning the art of not only taking the photos, but dealing with the public and clients, conversation, patience and teamwork   Check out our page with products for sale and find some of her amazing work as lovely greeting cards as well as her small paperback book, "What My Eyes See" (which includes over 30 photos she has taken over the years with her cell phone and my borrowed "work" cameras).  To say I am proud of my Sammi would be an understatement. 

All above images taken by Sammi Scott